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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions about specific equipment feel free to call us to discuss your concerns.

Contemporary Alarms uses only high quality alarm equipment in our new installations.  Most of the equipment we install is not available to the general public, they are available to licensed alarm professionals only.

BE WARNED,  the equipment we install is compatible with almost all of the common central station equipment now used in North America which means that after the initial contract for monitoring with us expires you can have another alarm professional program the equipment to a new central station.  NOT ALL ALARM COMPANIES USE EQUIPMENT WHICH IS COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER CENTRAL STATIONS. Make sure you can change alarm companies in the future without having to change your alarm system equipment.

Depending on the agreement you make with us, after the initial agreement is completed you will OWN all of the equipment (check the agreement before you sign for complete details).  There are alarm companies still doing business which DO NOT allow you to keep the equipment if you wish to change Alarm companies in the future.

Equipment and labor warranties

Our standard warranty policy is 90 days labor and 1 year parts on faulty equipment.  Please read the agreement you sign with us for more details.

Register your alarm

When you have an alarm system installed the city or town you live in may require you to register your alarm system.  Registration is usually a simple form you can obtain from your police department.  For more information about Alarm system registration and fines CONTACT YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT.

False Alarm Fines

Before we start we would like you to know that Contemporary Alarms has NEVER charged ANY of its customers for false alarms.

False alarm charges are levied by City and Town governments.

There is a lot of confusion and misleading information given out about False alarm fines and charges.  In most Connecticut cities and towns the problem of sending Police manpower to a false alarm generated by an alarm system has become overwhelming and very costly.  Because of this fact most cities and towns now require alarm system owners to register their alarm systems with the police department or town.  Most registrations do not cost money and they are a simple form with your emergency contact and alarm company's phone number and addresses on them.

Should an alarm be sent to the police or fire department from your alarm system the city or town will have a way of contacting someone should they need to about the condition.

In the past some alarm system owners have neglected to have alarm system problems repaired. Instead simply letting the alarm system trigger false alarms and police responses.  This has led the cities and towns implementing fines and charges to the alarm system owner for multiple false alarms.  Most cities and towns allow 2 or 3 false alarms( alarms where the police respond not alarms that happen because you trip it yourself) per year.  After that the alarm system owner is charged BY THE CITY OR TOWN for each additional false alarm.  The fines vary by city and town.  If you would like more information about false alarm fines and charges CALL YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT.

Again, Contemporary Alarms has NEVER charged ANY of its customers for false alarms.