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Alarm System Monitoring.

There are three monitoring options which depend on your current alarm status:

1) If you have an alarm system in your home and we can program it for our central station your monitoring cost is just $16.95/month with a 36 month contract. We will test all of your existing doors, windows, etc... making sure they are in working order for no additional cost. In most cases we can determine whether your equipment is compatible over the phone and the re programming takes less than two hours.  This option does not include the installation of any equipment nor does it include service to repair your system if it  is not presently working.

 2) If we need to install new equipment so your system can communicate with our  central station your monitoring cost will still be $16.95/month with a 36 month contract. We will install a new basic control panel, 1 keypad, and backup battery for $99.00(any additional equipment needed will incur a cost). We will test and connect all of your working existing doors, windows, etc... for no additional cost.  The Installation of this new equipment usually takes less than four hours. This option does not include the installation of any equipment (other than that listed above) nor does it include service to repair your system or any part of your system if it is not presently working.

3) If you do not have an alarm system in your home we will install The Basic package for $180 ($300 for wireless) plus tax and your monitoring cost will be $16.95/month plus tax with a 36 month contract.

(ALL prices do not include sales tax.)


We have two service labor rates:

1)  Regular service calls which are scheduled during regular business hours (9A-5P M-F) are billed at $80/hour plus tax for the first hour or part of then $20.00 for each additional 15 minutes or part of.

2)  Emergency service calls which are normally after regular business hours and/or are required the same day are billed at $110/hour plus tax portal to portal with a minimum of 1.5 hours. 

We offer 24 hr a day emergency service.


Installation prices vary however, all installations receive a $900.00 credit towards new equipment and installation labor. This credit starts off every new installation with what we call The basic package. The installation and equipment of this hardwired package is just $180($300 for wireless) plus tax with the $900 credit!  You do not have to purchase any  additional equipment.

    You may 'Plan and price your own alarm system' online now for an idea of the cost for additional equipment.

Contracting or sub-contracting.

Contemporary Alarms contracts and engages in sub-contracting work.

We have been contracted by some of Connecticut 's largest Alarm companies to do installation, service and other related work.

We are always interested in speaking with insured Connecticut L5 or E1/2 contractors who have Fire and/or Burglary alarm system experience.

If you would like more information feel free to contact us.