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Frequently Asked Questions

This form allows you to price out your own alarm system on line.  This form is a tool which you can use to calculate the approximate cost of the alarm system you would like to have installed. You will also find it helpful when comparing prices with other Alarm companies. The actual price may be different from that shown due to many reasons ie discounts, price changes, etc... however, it will give you a good idea what to expect.  The price shown assumes hard wired devices, that your monitoring fee will be $16.95/month + Tax and it includes the $180.00 basic package.

BEFORE you start, refer to the General Rules section below for help.

General Rules:

Most homes 2000 Sq ft or less can get by with 3 or less motion detectors and 3 or less doors.  You DO NOT NEED TO PROTECT EVERY SQUARE FOOT OF YOUR PREMISES just cover the critical areas a thief would enter and/or move through.  Start out small, you can always add devices later.

Include all EXTERIOR Doors leading in to the house, include the door to the attached garage, EXCLUDE basement hatch (bilco) type doors

Include Windows if they are not going to be covered by a motion detector.  Crank out windows normally do not need to be covered (Use Glass Break Detectors) because they are very difficult to pry open.
Include Motion Detectors in areas such as the basement, rooms with valuables in them (like TVs and stereos), to cover stairs leading to an upper floor, and in places which a thief would obviously pass by if they were to enter your premises.  We can install Motion detectors that DO NOT SEE YOUR PETS (there are rules but all your pets combined must weigh less than 75 lbs, add $35 per 'Pet' motion detector you wish to include).  Motion Detectors 'see' like humans do, they cannot see through walls, glass, furniture, etc...  Motion Detectors can cover open rooms up to 35X35'.
Include Glass Break Detectors to cover large windows that do not open, crank open windows,  and sliding glass doors.  Glass Break Detectors can cover the windows in most rooms up to 15X15'.
Include Alarm Screens if you would like to leave the windows (which are on the alarm system) open when have the alarm on.
IF you would like to protect your premises against fire  We install Smoke and Heat detectors which will sound an alarm to get you out.  ALSO when you are not home should a fire break out, the detectors will activate the alarm system which will NOTIFY THE FIRE DEPARTMENT.
Include Smoke Detectors generally on every floor (include the basement).
Include Heat Detectors in areas where a smoke detector would constantly be activated because of smoke, steam, or dust (Like a kitchen, a room with a fireplace, the garage, or close to a bathroom).