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The Basic Package

The basic package is the foundation of every new residential/small business alarm installation. It includes the following hardwired devices: 2 door contacts, 1 motion detector, 1 indoor siren, 1 control/communicator, 1 backup battery, 1 telephone cord and jack and the labor needed to install this equipment. That is $1080.00 worth of equipment and labor!

Total cost is just $180.00 ($300.00 if wireless) plus tax! and you must let us monitor your new alarm system for 3 years at $16.95/month plus tax. DONT BE FOOLED...Compare the total cost to a "free" alarm system at $29.95 per month and you save over $468.00! That's more than two extra years of monitoring free with Contemporary Alarms.

Additional devices (doors, windows, motion detectors etc...) can be added to this basic system at an additional cost (call us or 'Price your own system' now online).